Monday, 16 July 2007

Water restrictions

People are mad, aren't they?

Here we are, living on the driest continent on earth, having suffered through one of the most serious droughts in history. All sorts of plans to ease the crisis were floated . Dam levels were at record lows, and water restrictions have become a way of life in many areas of Australia, including cities. Some of us scoff, having grown up with water restrictions, but that's another story. Now we've had a bit of rain (yes, enough to cause floods in some spots...), and it looks like the drought might finally have broken.

Why, Warragamba's back to just over 50% full! That's about seven months worth of Sydney's water needs.

So what happens. We're demanding the end to water restrictions. A few weeks of rain, and we don't need to worry anymore. Seven months? That'll last for years! Dammit, we pay our taxes, we should be allowed to water our drives and pamper our exotic gardens, no matter how unsuited to the climate they may be. Don't you tell me to mulch or plant natives!

Sigh. Driest continent, people.

Yup, we're a queer bunch.

Tony F

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