Monday, 16 July 2007

postscript to getting older

two posts in one day!

Caught up with a bunch of old school mates the other day. We're gradually turning 50. well, the old ones are... ;^)

Funny to see them all again, after all these years. The tall skinny bloke is now tall and umm... well, he's not skinny anymore. But his son was even taller than he was. Another tall bloke looks like he's shrunk - and I know I haven't got any taller. Most of the longhairs are rapidly balding. Those with hair look like they've all seen a ghost. Belts were generally tighter, and I swear I could hear the popping of joints.

But underneath the external changes, we're still much the same. The same jokes, the same attitudes, the same silliness. Maybe we haven't really aged at all.

Meh. Just the right amount of beer was drunk, lies were told, and reminiscences were reminisced. Beauty.

Tony F

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