Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sick and tired (and three bikes)

Bugger me, I've been crook lately. And I'm sick of it. Sick and tired.

I'm fairly sure most of my brains have dribbled out through my nose in the last two weeks - it has to run out soon, but at least I'm getting over the coughing and hoiking.

In good news, I saw an ad in the paper advertising Ducati's Hypermotard Oz launch and ride day. I was a day too late to get a ride, but thought I'd ring anyway - and I scored rides on the Sports Classic Sports 1000S, the Sports Classic (monoposto with raised clipons) and Mosnetr S2R800.

The rides were too short, and too suburban to get a real feel, I think we might have hit top gear once. But... I liked them. I liked them all. Surprisingly, the Monster with the higher flat bars, was the least comfy, my old war wound (buggered wrist) started playing up immediately. The two bikes with clipons were more comfy. I think I'll start describing the Sports Classic as the retro Monster from now on. It felt just as raunchy, more upright, just as chuckable, but had a better clutch (dry). The wet Monster clutch juddered and grabbed - it was shocking getting off the line, yet the wet clutch in the 1000S was fine.

Three different bikes, two with the same motor, and one with a smaller variation, yet quite different in personality, mainly from handlebar position. I think all three have overruled the sensible part of me that says get a BMW F800S - my ride on that, while fun, just didn't have the same grin factor, nor desire to start getting friendly with salesmen. Even ones that really didn't know their product that well - no tubes, indeed...

I'm still not sure I could cope with the lower bars of the 1000S, and although the retroMonster was comfy, I think I'd like a fairing - and that 1000S just looks so DAMNED good in red. ;^)

I'll be back for a longer ride in the not too distant future.

Tony F

Snff, sniff