Saturday, 7 July 2012

thursday on my mind

Yup, not Friday, Thursday.

Mid June? Nope. The wait stretched like a rubber band. Mid June was to be when it was built, and the worst case scenario would see me with the bike by October? Frigging October? I was horrified, wondering if I should elect to wait until 2013 for the next year's build. I to wait for the stock manager to get back from leave, and between him and the sales guy they sourced an earlier arrival. It's in, and being predelivered next week. I catch the train in on Thursday, and thunder home.

I'm anxiously watching the week ahead weather forecasts - and seeing a shower or two. Oh well. when I collected the 848 I was caught in a huge storm, with no wet weather gear. Sure broke in my brand new Ducati leather jacket!

This time I'm getting a more upright model than my old 848. What am I getting? That's still a bit of a secret, but the clues I gave showed my choices were between the thumping Monster 1100 Evo and more powerful Streetfighter 848. Both bikes had their pluses and minuses, but that ride to Wiseman's Ferry settled my mind completely. As I said, a significant deposit went down very quickly, and I perched on the edge of settled back into my chair to stress wait. Waiting till October would have aged me considerably.

Now I can almost touch it.

Am I getting excited?

You bet!