Monday, 24 August 2009

council clean up day

Hard rubbish day, junk day, too big for the bin day, call it what you will, but it's the ultimate in reccycling.

All weekend I've been slowly carting old junk out the front. It really has been old junk - a broken bicycle frame - repair cost more than the frame. old hose that I've had sitting around unused, for years, cupboards and drawers, also unused, a broken motorcycle pannier that was cheap when new, and didn't include the frame. Various bits of metal, a suitcase, a heater, a cheap print in a cheap frame that I scored when it was being thrown out from the office way back in the 80s - or was it the 70s? I liked it, but it was falling apart, and hadn't been hung on wall for over 5 years.

I reckon I'll chuck out some more before the collection occurs, but the pile will be quite small when they do the pickup. How so?

Well, all weekend the roads have been busy, cars, utes, trailers, trucks, driving around and, well, we used to call it scabbing, but call it what you will, they're picking stuff up. Some of these people are locals, some are clearly professionals - few locals would pick up a trailer load of CRT TVs, unless they were in the business of repairing, restoring and selling.

At first I was a bit miffed. I put this stuff out to be collected, and these thieving b&^#$^$s are stealing it! Hah. Not really - most of what I put out, I hope will be re-used by someone who has the time or inclination to make something useful out of my junk. And if a professional junk collector picks it up, then melts it down, or sells it for a profit, I couldn't care less. Good luck to them.

To me it was rubbish taking up much needed space, to the collectors, it may bring some cheer around the house, or put some more dollars in their pocket. Either way, it has been recycled, someone will get some benefit from it, and it's much better than becoming landfill.

Wins all round, I reckon.