Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Yup. 78 kg. That's a goal.

10 kg gone since I started with the Get Healthy Service. 12 kg gone since I started with Fit & Strong @ UWS, and an estimated 14 kg since I peaked last spring (through shame, I didn't weigh myself until I'd visibly lost weight). So from my estimated peak, that's 15% of my bodyweight. From when I started with Get Healthy (and my more regular weight), it's 11%. Not quite as impressive, but still something I'd never thought possible, and I'm feeling pretty damned good about it.

I'm lighter than when I started with my current employer in 1992, and am pretty sure my kids have never known me this light - almost 31years. People I've known for years but don't see often aren't recognising me!

True, I've still got a little more to go to reach healthy weight, but that's just around the corner. Doable. Easy.

My waistline goal seems a bit further away - I wish it was as easy to measure consistently as weight is - scales don't care about posture, where halfway between your ribs and hips is, or whether you've breathed out. I'm certain I'm measuring inconsistently!

At this rate, my BMI will be in the healthy range by the end of June, and hopefully not just sitting at the upper end, but a kg or two down. With any luck, my waistline goal will arrive at the same time. I  could do situps to help, but ...nah.

Oh yeah, I  treated myself to some new jeans. Size 32. That's thirty-fahn-two!!! Last time I bought size 32 jeans was in Adelaide in 1981, when we rode that old Ducati to Perth. I remember because I had to buy new jeans as my others had a holey knee, which was apparently quite scandalous in the city of churches, and I wasn't allowed in the video game arcade. I was surprised I got into 32s then, too! Yes, my waist is still bigger than my jeans, and there's some muffin top happening, but they aren't uncomfortable at all, and the muffin's shrinking every day.

I  might have to come up with a new nickname, thesomewhatlessfathippy doesn't have quite the same ring about it...