Monday, 2 July 2007

getting older

It was my son's birthday last week, and suddenly I felt considerably older. My son is now two years older than I was when I got married, and we waited a few years before he came along. When I was that age, I used to think my Dad was getting on, and now I'm older than he was! And to make it worse, my youngest son is about to reach the age I was when I married! sigh...

Mornings see creaky joints and shuffly feet, opening jars can be an almost insurmountable problem, my hair is rapidly disappearing (even if it has lasted longer than Dad's), muscles are turning into flab, and arthritis is a fact of life. I'm even getting friendlier with my doctor, who tells me I have to give up this, cut down that, lose weight, etc, etc, before referring me off for more tests and specialist appointments.

Even worse, I remember the show that included Controversy Corner (the title of my last post)!

But I can't complain. I can still do most things I could do when I was younger, it's just that they're harder to do, and are usually accompanied by more grunting, and my muscles abuse me mightily the day after strenuous exercise. Actually, I can complain. It's just that it doesn't do me any good. ;^)

Besides, I reckon the only available alternative to growing older doesn't appeal to me at all. =8^O

Tony F

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