Saturday, 20 June 2015


Well bugger me.

It's happened.


I'm no longer fat.

Yes, for the first time since the mid 1980s, my BMI and weight have dropped back into the healthy range. My waist measurement is also back in the healthy range. Over 16 kg off my estimated peak, that ridiculously impossible original goal that Get Healthy set with me smashed, and my waist is also four cm less than the goal we set. I'm absolutely stoked, and wish I'd done this years and years ago - I really feel (and look) so much better. And you know what, I'm proud of myself for sticking with it, despite the mental struggles. That 10 kg goal  really did seem ridiculous when I started - I'd thought five would be great - but I've done it. Smashed it!

I can wear medium sized clothes and size 32(!!!) jeans. I can get out of bean bags. Hills are no longer impossible to ride up - I rode up one today in second gear and a personal record time - a year ago, I was walking AND stopping and gasping for breath. I feel great. Dare I say I feel younger?

Yet despite the massive change, I still want to go a bit further. I'm still carrying a spare tyre, much smaller to be sure, but my waist is still a lot (9 cm) bigger then my jeans size. I don't know that I'll get them equal, or if I even want to, but closer would be good. I think there's a few kg contained within that spare, and a couple more spread across my body. A bit further into the healthy range will also allow my weight to vary a little, while staying in the healthy range - that's where I really want to be, able to enjoy myself and manage my weight. I'd also like to tone up - I've got some excess skin now - not huge amounts, but it's there - and build a little muscle.

So, I'm going to sign up with Get Healthy for a bit longer. The coaching service has worked really, really well for me, and I'll happily recommend them to anybody who's decided they want to lose weight  - even if you find they don't really suit you, the service is free, confidential, supportive, non-judgemental, and informative - so why not give them a try - you've got nothing to lose but your waist and weight!
1300 806 258 Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, were you riding Anderson's today?

I may have passed you on the road before the gate at Woodford, I rode down from wenty.

Anyway, love your fathippy site, the information has been invaluable to me discovering trails around the mountains, thanks for creating and updating it.


the fat hippy said...

Hi Stirk

Thanks for your comments.


I rode up Ingar and down Andersons yesterday - we passed just at the gate at the Woodford end? I've ridden up Andos (mostly) and down Ingar before, and figured Ingar to Andos would be easier. It wasn't. I was a wreck when I got home!

Tony F