Saturday, 18 April 2015

I'm (going to be) living in the seventies

the fat hippy lite?

Well, OK, that's still a bit over the top, but the difference is now obvious.  I've had to throw out heaps of old clothes, and take in those things I still wanted to keep and wear. People at work are commenting!

My goal to lose 10 kg (as set by the FREE(!) NSW Government Get Healthy Counselling Service and me), which initially seemed absurd, looks certain, although I'm not sure if that will also get my waist to my goal of six cm less. No matter, I've decided I'm going to keep going. My weight is now less that it has been at any time this century, but I'm still overweight, and will be even when I reach my goal. So, I've set a new set of goals goal to work for once I reach the official 10 kg.

Yep, my new goal is to drop my BMI into the healthy weight category, and if I can achieve that, lose a few more kg still, so my weight can fluctuate a little, while staying in the healthy range.

Now I know about the arguments on BMI, and I think they have some validity, however, in my case, my BMI simply confirmed what the scales and mirror were telling me, even though I was in denial; I was fat.

Eight kg later (try picking up four two litre milk bottles at the the same time to get an idea of what that really feels like), and I look and feel much better. I'm riding harder and further, yet my heart rate isn't redlining as it often was. Hills are still a pain, but they're just hills, and a lot more of them are rideable. I'm enjoying riding again, which has a major impact on my mental health - I'm much happier and more resilient. All I've really done is cut back on sugary foods, cut right back on chocolate (sob - this has been the hardest), eat more veges, walk at lunchtime, and ride bikes more. I haven't cut out all sugary foods or chocolate, just cut right back. So far, it's all win win.

The seventies are staging a comeback, and I, for one, welcome their imminent return!

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