Sunday, 24 October 2010

They're back!

and they can hurt you from here...

At last, after too long in the wilderness, HG and Roy were back doing what they do best, calling the football. Since leaving Triple J for Triple M  (boo), the airwaves have been free of the best commentary team ever. Some sort of contractual problems related to who has the rights to footie, or something.

Anyway, they're back (still at Triple M), and as brilliant as ever. Whoever controls football broadcasting in this country needs to ensure that HG and Roy are always able to call the big games (all codes). The game just isn't as good without their parochial, one eyed (yet fickle), referee abusing, telling it like it is call.

Watmough is a clown! "bloke can't help it, I s'pose"

"You know there's something wrong with the Kangaroos when Gallen is the playmaker"

"Cheating Kangaroos"

"Let's go Kumuls"

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