Saturday, 14 March 2009

it's been a long time

since I last posted anything. No matter, I haven't had anything to say.

But now I have.

I made up my mind and bought a new bike. Then I was sleeepless, worrying about my choice, but it was too late - deposits paid, and delivery arranged. I've been nervous all week. Then it was Saturday. Today. And off we went to Frasers Wollongong.

There it was, sitting just outside the service bay, waiting. Waiting for me. Oh yeah. In we go to speak to Dean, the salesman, and also my chaperone on numerous test rides up and down the Wollongong escarpments. He's ready and waiting and leads us into the office, where we finalise payments and paperwork. Before long, we're gathered around the beast and going through the controls, run in process, start procedure, etc.

My nerves have gone, and I feel excited. seeing the bike again makes me sure I've made the right choice, even though I've flip flopped completely on what I said I wanted. This is one sexy motorbike.

We wander back into the shop to book in for my first service, and start looking at some of the knick knacks for sale. I look again at the leather jacket on special, which I had earlier decried for being too flashy, too lairy. But now I've bought the lairy bike, it seems much more suitable. Jann likes it, and tells me to buy. I do.

Back at the bike, I transfer stuff I brought down and been given by Frasers into my old pack from my new Fraser's pack. It's a clear day, and I won't need the wet weathers, or jacket liner, they can go back in the car.

I fire the bike up, smiling as the digital dash tells me what model it is. Yep, a Ducati 848. I just couldn't get into the new Monster, and the 1098, while brilliant, was much more than I can use, leaving me worried that it would bite when I let my guard down. To quote Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry - "A man's got to know his limitations". The 848, on the other hand, just screams "use me, USE ME!" It's sweet, and a surprisingly comfy ride - much to my surprise, moreso than the Monster 1100. Run in is going to be hard, it just wants to go. ;^)

A nice ride home through Picton, Camden, The Oaks, Silverdale, Wallacia and Penrith, until the heavens open 5 minutes from home. I arrive home soaking wet, but happy.

Tony F

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